Friday, October 23, 2009

SERP Factors: Best Guess by Experts

No one knows for sure what factors influence Search Engine Rank Positions. It is surprising we dont know more from ex-employees. Probably because it has become so complex, it is little like the Internal Revenue Code. No one person could possibly know all the code (play on words).

What is possible, is to get some idea of the relative importance of different factors based on asking the opinion of as many SEO experts as possible. Impossible you say? Well it has been done. Check it out at: .

Even now, I see blogs where they are arguing which is more important? Content or Linking?

Rather then debate this, a better question is for you to ask yourself if your website is "authoritative" for the keyword you want to get highly ranked on?

Within the privacy of Google, I am sure they argue what will be the "value" for everything they do, against the notion; will this help us select the most authoritative website related to that keyword? If that means a website should have relevant content, then they do it. If it means a website should have links from other related websites, then they do it.

So if you dont know anything about SEO, then be guided by "is what I am doing or about to do, help to make my website the Authoratative website, relative to my keywords"?

If you need more incite, then seek out an expert, or do a lot of research at your local library, or on the internet.

By: Nick the SEO guy

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