Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Google Is No.1, and Should Always Be No. 1

Should there be only one search engine?

Have Search Engines become like Utilities, eg like cable ? or water utility, or electric? where we will have one large search engine company? From an advertisers point of view, it would be great. The simplicity of it all.

Other advantages, would be the ability to get the most amount of traffic available for low volume keywords from just one source. In addition, all your PPC can be managed in one place.

The disadvantages would be all the problems associated with a monopoly, eg higher costs, lower innovation, government regulation and potential for abuse of power. You say what abuse of power? For example, G, could start forcing the use of their other applications or suffer lower SERP, or other unforeseen problems. You say this scenario is unlikely, so why am I raising this as an issue?

Yahoo and MSN, the only other potential competitors to G, are so far behind it seems like we are almost there. How can the consumer shift this power, when most websites have ads by google?

By: Nick the SEO guy

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