Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SEO Automation

There are plenty of SEO software applications, from site evaluation software to article generation and submission software. Does this mean we are covered? Of course existing software will continue to improve and most likely get better, but are there still areas that could be automated?

What happens when websites get bigger, or more complex? Are new tools required to manage the content not from a design approach, such as Adobe Photo Shop, but rather from an SEO approach?

For example, it is one thing when you have content to cover 5 or 10 keywords, but what about the SEO strategy of targeting "long tail" keywords, when the more competitive keywords are not obtainable. In this case, there could be several hundred, or more keywords. How is this created, managed and modified, when what is required is a well organized website that is linked in a clean and well integrated structure?

Now, more then ever, there is a need, not only to blog on your area of expertise, but to make blog comments for the purpose of showing your authority regarding a subject and to get links back to your site. To do this can be both time consuming, especially if you are trying to find good sites worthy of your comments, and hard to track if there is a growing number of blogging sites. It seems most SEO experts try to track this in a spread sheet or word document. I suppose this is fine, if there is nothing better, but it seems this is a perfect database application.

I am sure plenty of software tools can be developed to help the serious SEO expert automate these tasks, but of course one question that always must be asked:
will the automation be sufficient to charge enough for the time it takes to develop the product? What are your thoughts?

By: Nick the SEO guy

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