Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just let go and change it. URLs that are already ranked, but not enough

If some URLs on your website are listed on a Search Engine, then that is great.

However, what if you are placed on Page 3 (SERP 27) of Google and you feel that you have peaked. It does not want to break past page 3. You go over your SEO plans and realize that your URL is not fully optimized! What do you do?

You fix eye glasses. your site is, let's say: (Which, by the way, would be a horrible domain for an SEO specialist to work with).

One of your internal pages will focus on fixing hand crafted frames, and the keyword you are focusing on is 'hand crafted frames repair.' The current URL string for that page is:

AGAIN you are on the 3rd page og GOOGLE. So close! You already have spent so much money on Backlinks, your META Data is on point, and your content is good. I say, keep working on those three things as they are the meat and potatoes of your SEO campaign (review). However, everything should be optimized, including your URL string.


go for it. Bite the bullet and make the change. Most likely, you do not have backlinks to your internal pages (If you do, then I will go over that in future post). But you have to do it if you want a better future for your website ranking.

Look at URL of one of Nick's Last post:


There is a reason why Google does this, and you NEED do the same.
so in the example, an optimized version may look like this:

What happens now? What do I do with the old page? What will happen with my ranking?

The good news is that the page was already ranked on Google and you can use that momentum. Create the new page and then delete the old one. Next, do a 301 redirect to the new page (email us or look for it in future post if you do not know how to do this). This will provide a smooth transistion and allow Google to come in an re-index the new page.

Lastly, you better make sure this time the URL the way you want, because when it is optimized to your satisfaction, then you need to start sending backlinks to that specific page like it was a whole new site.

by: (\/)arketsite Pro

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